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Uttar Pradesh Welfare for People Living with HIV/AIDS Society (UPNPplus) is a community based, non-profit organization representing the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV).



This focuses on the models of care and support services to the PLHIV irrespective of age and gender, Link with Govt. Welfare Scheme, Education Support, Nutrition Support and Psychosocial support.


Core Component

All the activities of the Society are focused on a triangular approach covering the components of Advocacy, Network Building and Service Delivery. The triangle reflects the strong connectivity among these three components - each component can only be strengthened when the other 2 are strengthened.



Uttar Pradesh Welfare for People Living with HIV/AIDS Society (UPNPplus) is a community based, non-profit organization representing the needs of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV). UPNPplus was managed and run by people living with HIV in Uttar Pradesh. UPNPplus promotes holistic and participatory approach for community empowerment and gives priority to PLHIV (especially women and children). UPNPplus also initiated and formed more than 47 district level network in Uttar Pradesh with membership of approximately 74000 PLHA (People Living with HIV/AIDS). We are working since last 14 years in Uttar Pradesh with PLHIV.


The organization works for PLHIVs improved quality of life, irrespective of sex, gender, caste, religion and socio-economic status. UPNPplus has developed layer by layer through the extensive support of its partners, donors and other government institutions. It comprises of board members and non-members who are helping in strengthening the organization, through their technical support, expertly handling the programmes in institutional manner.



To work for the dignity and development of PLHAs and strengthen the marginalized section, especially affected and infected women and children with likeminded people and institutions.


To improve the quality of life and provide a sense of belonging to people living with HIV and their families for full active participation in society, and reduce further HIV transmission.

- Values

Ø  Our services – we aim to provide the best possible; and of the highest quality of services.

Ø  Our Community – we will endeavor to provide capacity building opportunities for our community.

Ø  People – We value our human resource and will make every effort to provide opportunities for personal development and skills enhancement.

Ø  Participation and Consultation.


Ø  PLHA mobilization: Work towards mobilization for improved prevention and quality of life of PLHA communities through systematic and continuous development of the networks of state, district and taluk levels.

Ø  Human rights: Promote elimination of discrimination and protect human rights of PLHA, particularly marginalized groups.

Ø  GIPA (Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS): Implement and promote GIPA for empowerment of PLHA and create impact on programs and policies.

Ø  Access to information and services: Ensure access to high quality information and services for positive prevention, positive living and continuum care and treatment.

Ø  Emerging needs of PLHA: Respond to emerging needs of PLHA community including sustainable options for livelihood and social security.

Ø Positive Prevention: To assist PLHA to adopt safe sexual and injecting drug use behaviour that help not only in the prevention of transmission of infections to other people but also help to protect the health of PLHA and their partners.

Ø Sustainable organization: UPNPplus services are outcome focused, professionally managed, in partnership with evidence-based and sustainable. 

Our Partners

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